BUILTREADY has one goal: to prepare men for this life & the next. Our 1:1 coaching personalizes your BUILTREADY journey to create a Biblically-based plan that helps you reach your spiritual, personal, & fitness goals.


I'm Heath Evans

After spending 10 years playing in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl, 8 years at NFL Network, climbing the ranks, and becoming one of the most recognizable faces on NFL TV, I had accomplished everything I had set my mind to do. I was a professing Christian, but my life proved I loved my sin, NOT Christ. The fruit of my life proved I was a child of satan, NOT a child of God. I thought I had it all and lived like I was in complete control. I looked happy and healthy, but looks can be deceiving!

BUT GOD, being rich in mercy, in late 2017, put HIS rescue mission in place. Overnight my life was flipped upside down! I LOST IT ALL! The Lord removed every worldly comfort except for my two daughters and my physical health. 5+ years later, God, in His great grace, has taught me all about BIBLICAL salvation and TRUE success. My soul is daily at peace, and He has trained me how to “MASTER-LIFE” through daily, godly disciplines that strengthen saving faith and build and maintain strong and healthy bodies.

The Lord has given me a new heart with new desires!
One of those desires is to love and lead men just like you!

At BUILTREADY we train men for this life and the next.

With BUILTREADY’s 1-on-1 coaching program, we will train you to:


Apply today, and let's see how we can help you on your BUILTREADY journey.

"Heath not only can perform at the highest levels, he can truly maximize the potential of others - a trait that is a true gift.  Heath creates results with his kind yet powerful accountability, and expands empathy with his heart and soul.  Heath will become not only your go-to personal growth mentor but also a great friend for life."

- Adam Contos

Former Remax CEO

"After working with Heath 1-on-1, I am happy to report that I now count myself among those that are "saved," and I finally understand what the Grace of God actually means. Furthermore, I have transformed physically by losing 50 lbs and being in the best shape of my life."

- Anthony Manerchia

25-Year Chief Banking Officer

"Heath has played a major role in developing my walk with the Lord. He was massively influential in the darkest days of my life. He unashamedly delivers Biblical truths to men in the area of faith and fitness to instruct and encourage them how to be the husbands and fathers we are commanded to be."

- Todd Abrams

Owner - Icon Meals

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It's important to us that you understand this is NOT a sales call. We believe that who God's got for us is who God's got for us, and we don't need to sell you anything!

This is simply a call to make sure you are the right fit for BUILTREADY coaching and that we are the right fit for you.

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